My objective in teaching a workshop is to share my thought process in constructing a painting. By learning how I think as I demonstrate various watercolor techniques, students receive tools to stimulate their creative imagination to produce original design in their own personal statements.

My workshops are for all who want to gain a deeper understanding of the creative process of painting, are willing to be flexible, take risks, have fun, be intuitive and inventive. You will not be using rules and formulas but still the emphasis will be on concept, color and design. The inspiration comes both from nature and the inevitable unpredictability of the watercolor medium.

I demonstrate a different method or idea each day, using various techniques to show you how to construct original paintings from both source material and your imagination. You may work with either abstract or realistic forms. Topics include: wet-into-wet, under-painting and layering, designing with shapes (using realistic or abstract forms), and methods for producing clean washes. Daily demonstrations and critiques each last about an hour, leaving ample time for painting and individual assistance. Critiques will approach problem solving upon the premise that there is always a solution that can turn an unsuccessful painting into a successful one.


                                                               WORKSHOPS 2018

November 2-4 Vicenza, Italy at TheArtsBox cultural space in conjunction with an exhibition,                        Painting The Earth opening November 10 

                                                               WORKSHOPS 2019

My studio classes are similar to what I offer throughout the country and suitable for students with some experience in watercolor who enjoy a challenge. Limited to 12 students. Access the complete course description, supply list and sign-up form Studio Course DescriptionSupply List or send an email to

April  1-4 (4 days) Barbara Nechis Napa Valley Studio, Calistoga, CA                                                                   spaces reserved for returning students until Jan 1

April 29-May 1 (3 days) optional 4th day May 2                                                                                                              open to new and returning students

May 16-18 Hudson River Valley Art Workshops, Greenville, NY (3 day class)                                                                                518-966-5219, 888-665-0044

July 29-31 Northeast Art Workshop Retreats , Gloucester, MA                                                                                            contact: Katalene Masella 978-729-4970




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  1. I am interested in your workshop in the Hudson River Valley May15-17, 2015. I took a workshop from you in Rockland, Maine about 12 years ago when I first took up watercolor. They are stil the best watercolor paintings I think I have done, so would love to reconnect. Sue Scheer


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