Silk Order

Silk Scarves, hand painted in China, hand washable:

Inspired by Barbara Nechis watercolors add 8% sales tax in CA. S&H is included.

image002 image004Yosemite Facets 26×70 Shawl with gold border & 5” fringe $129
image006 image008Blue Mirage 15×70 $89
image010Hawaiian Dance 15×70 $89 silk georgette with wisteria border
image012Garden Tapestry 15×70 $89
Inspired by the painting featured on my DVD, Watercolor From Within
image018 image020Summer Silhouette: Shawl Wrap with Sangria Fringe 21×70  $109
image024 image022Quilted Meadow 43×43 $95
Jimage026 image028Jewel Shawl 22×70 $99

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