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I now have 3 DVDs available for purchase (see details below)

Mail checks to:

Barbara Nechis
1085 Dunaweal Lane
Calistoga CA 94515

If you prefer to use a credit card send an email to me nechis@earthlink.net and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

TOOLS FOR TRANSFORMING TROUBLED WATERCOLORS: A Fix-up Workshop with Barbara Nechis from Creative Catalyst Productions 2013

$35 includes S&H (CA residents add 8% sales tax) For Canada, payment in US funds is $47 including S&H.

1 hour and 50 minutes of demonstrations and commentary featuring numerous techniques.

In it I rework 8 abandoned watercolors submitted by students and show before and after images of 3 additional pieces.  I introduce many techniques that you will want to use to transform your own mishaps. Some of the changes are so dramatic that totally different subjects and orientations emerge. I tackle landscape, still life, the sea, village, and florals with varying degrees of realism and abstraction. I think this is the one to own if you want to have some fun, relax, and attack some of those failures with abandon.  The results may surprise you.

WATERCOLOR from WITHIN, Transparent Layering with Barbara Nechis, A DVD from Creative Catalyst Productions 2009

Here is the DVD that captures how I paint in as much detail and intimacy as if I were standing before you and painting.  In it I demonstrate both a layered landscape and a wet-in-wet floral completed with glazing.  2 hours and 22 minutes of demonstrations and commentary feature several techniques.

$45 includes S&H (CA residents add 8% sales tax) For Canada, payment in US funds is $57 including S/H

You can also purchase both of these directly from CCP videos where you can watch a short preview and listen to an interview on their blog. The DVD CCP http://ccpvideos.com/products/bn1d/#oid=20_2

BARBARA NECHIS, Watercolor Artist is a DVD, originally produced on videocassette by Artists’ Video Productions as part of their Contemporary Masters series. It speaks to all levels of watercolor artists. Watch Barbara and experience vicariously the creative process as she works on four paintings and discusses her approach to painting and design. Wet-into-wet, layering, lifting and masking are some of the techniques she demonstrates as she creates landscapes and flowers from her imagination. A dozen of her finished paintings are also displayed.

This visit with Barbara Nechis was first created on film in 1986 by the outstanding cinematographer and documentary producer, Pablo Frasconi. Unlike many “point and shoot” products this DVD is designed to go beyond the structured lesson to provide insight and information. Hours of filming have been expertly condensed resulting in a 43 minute DVD, and inspiring music has been written to accompany it. Many artists enjoy listening to it as they paint, simulating a workshop experience.

In transferring from VHS to DVD format, most of the original quality has been preserved. It is now being made available because just as an old film has its own special qualities, the painting demonstrations and thought process as originally recorded deliver information not found through any other source.

Please send a check for $32 if purchased separately or if this order accompanies another book or DVD include only $25 for this one (S&H incl.) payable to:

Barbara Nechis
1085 Dunaweal Lane
Calistoga, CA 94515.

(California Residents add 8% sales tax) or contact me for a PayPal invoice.

DVDs are not returnable unless there is a defect in the one you received.

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  1. So what’s for sale? All your secrets? A workshop and 3 dvd s.? Like a kid I want it all and I want it now, just kidding, 😍 love 😍 love 😍 love your work. So price on dvds please.there’s a book on amazon for 12.00$, should I get the book too or just dvds?


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